Crawfish for a Cause

What’s better than spending the afternoon eating crawfish? Eating crawfish for a good cause! Every year on the east side of town there is a crawfish boil called the Eastside Boil that my friends, the Mr., and I attend. It all started off as a few neighbors wanting to have a boil and it has grown into a big multi-yard party. Every year they have sponsors for the party to raise money for their charity of choice. This year their charity was the Eastside Community Connection, a UT student-run nonprofit that offers food pantry services and adult education programs to lower-income residents of East Austin. The ESB had a clothing drive, tshirt sales, and of course crawfish galore. The party is open to everyone and entry is by donation. Those who couldn’t make it to the party this year were able to donate to the ECC online.

This was their 10th year throwing the party and the tshirt said “We’ve been coming to the same party for 10 years and in no way is that depressing” Aren’t the little crawfish adorable? I wish I had abs like that.

When the ESB does crawfish, they’re serious about it. They bought 1000lbs of crawfish for the party along with potatoes, corn, artichokes, mushrooms, etc. You just read that right. ONE THOUSAND pounds of crawfish! They don’t joke around.

Since it was their 10th year, they decided to go all out with the bells and whistles. When I say whistles, I really mean an ice sculpture to chill your beverages. How “cool” is that? They also had a “10” pinata as well as a Miss Crawfish contest. I forgot to mention that they also had double digit kegs too! They really know how to throw a party for charity.

We can’t call it a day unless we convert a few people to Sweet Pop. Here’s Dat our new self appointed flavor creator. After he tried the red velvet cakepop he came up with so many flavor combinations that we are so excited to try in the future! We’ll keep you posted as we try his unique flavor choices.

Hope the Mr. and the KPG will see you at next year’s boil!

Supporting women in the DR

I always love a good cause and especially the big hearts that go with them. I was fortunate enough to meet Audrey who volunteers her time selling items for an organization called La Tienda.  This organization is really neat! 100% of the money that comes from the purchases go to the women in the Dominican Republic who have made them. This organization empowers women in the DR to provide for their families through ways that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them. Please read more about the organization and do some shopping online! You can also visit Dominican Joe’s where some of their products are sold. There are so many good things I could say about Dominican Joe’s but that will be another post and another coffee date.

Here’s my good friend BaoVy with the LaTienda bracelet she bought. It’s made of rolled up recycled paper. It’s beautiful! Audrey is on the right with the cute little purse I bought and a photo card of a young girl in the Dominican Republic.

Everything that was for sale through LaTienda was very affordable ($4 can you believe? I need to buy more of these) and I felt like I helped someone while getting something useful and fashionable at the same time! Double win!

Their handmade cards are biodegradable! A plus in our book for sure but they were so beautiful that I think I would use it for wall art.

Looks like I have a new purse to stash my cake pops in! woot.

I wish I could meet more people that had hearts as big as Audrey’s. Thank you for caring for others as well as making me and BaoVy a little bit more fashionable because I know I need all the help I can get in that department.

Weddings never tasted so sweet

My friends Sarah and Carlos recently tied the knot and I was fortunate enough to attend and witness their union. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with this lovely spring weather we’re having here.

I play football with these two love birds so this wedding topper was perfectly cute and fitting  for them. Their wedding cake and cupcakes were from Delish Cupcakes and they were delish!

This was the card that I got for them. Isn’t it the sweetest card I could find?

I definitely love the beautiful colors that my loves wore. They inspired my color palette for my cookie collage below.

KPG made some decorated wedding sugar cookies to celebrate their sweet sweet love.

Congratulations on the “I do’s” and I hope the happy couple enjoyed their cookies as much as they enjoy each other.

Bake sale!

photo by Nathan Russell Photography

One afternoon I got this facebook link from a friend of mine, Linda. It said “you should do this” and it all began from there. I read up on the Austin Bakes website about what was going on. The Austin community was going to participate in a nationwide bake sale to raise money for relief in Japan.  As soon as I read that, I said “where do I sign up?” 23 cities in the US participated and held a bakesale in their cities on April 2.  Read more here!

I love most of those things too. Agreed that everyone needs a lil sugar sometimes…maybe all the time.

Well on April 2 AustinBakes was able to secure 5 locations around the city and over 100 volunteers to help out. How cool is that? Bakeries, bakers, volunteers, even pets came together to make this possible. Most of the locations were open from 10-2 with the exception of one that was open until 5pm. At the end of the day, we were proud to say that we were able to raise over $11,500! now that’s AWESOME!!

photo by Nathan Russell Photography

We donated to AmeriCares who currently is overseas taking care of our friends hit by the tragedies. If you would like to donate to them, click here.

We were stationed downtown Austin at the Wolf Gang Bakery.

Here was our table before it became overflowing with sweets. Can you imagine that we had double the amount of sweets to be sold than in this picture?  Gemma and Shelley did a wonderful job setting up the tables.

Austin Bakes had a little contest going between all of the locations so we were tweeting how much we had raised. We definitely could not have pulled off this event without the help of social media. Thanks for everyone who followed the event and followed Austin Bakes.

There were so many good looking treats that I can’t possibly post all of the pictures but here’s a picture of my favorite! These cookies were so adorable and expressed exactly what everyone at the event felt. We wanted to show our love in the only way we knew how and that was through our baked goods made with love. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true, at least for me. I put my heart into everything that’s Sweet Pop and I hope that someone gets a smile from them even if it’s just a picture we post.

Here are some of our sweets that we made, Japanese inspired of course:

photo by Red Fly Photography

You can’t have Japan without Domo-kun cupcakes!

My friend Sherbear was giving me her best Domo-kun face. I loved it! Thanks for supporting 😀

photo by Red Fly Photography

We had two kinds of cakepops at the sale. These were inspired by the Japan flag. The rising sun cakepops were our Devil’s Food and the rising “heart” cakepop was Velvety Red with love.

We didn’t forget about Hello Kitty. She had to make an appearance at the sale and she was a HIT.

Green Tea Cupcakes

We also made some green tea cupcakes. These were amazing! Not only did the cherry blossoms turn out really cute but the green tea was just perfect. I liked this flavor so much that I decided to add this flavor to my regular menu 🙂

KPG got to meet so many sweet people at the event. Please feel free to check out their blogs and follow them on Twitter! Sorry if I left someone out but this was TEAM DOWNTOWN!


Julie Boolie-






We’re in the NEWS!

So sorry that I haven’t posted about the Austin Bakes bakesale yet. Let me tell you that it was a wonderful event to be at. I met so many awesome people within the baking and Austin community that just wanted to make a difference and we were all doing it together. It was really sweet!

To hold you over until I can get all of my pictures together for it, I’ll leave you with the two news specials on us. You can see our really cute Japan flag cakepops as well as a short interview with the KPG. I have to admit that my wording during the interview COULD have been better but I was on a slight sugar high all day.



Torrie Hardcastle from KUT was so nice! She took great pictures as well.

Rosedale Ride

Last weekend we had the privilege to meet the wonderful staff at the Rosedale School. Every year the school holds a fundraiser to raise money for the Rosedale Foundation. They have such a great cause. Read more about it here:

KPG here was able to donate a few hundred cupcakes to the silent auction. I really hope they enjoyed them!

Their motto and what they have done is so inspiring. The students that have been touched by the school are also extraordinary!

On Saturday I tuned up my bike and set out on a 20 mile bike ride.

The turn out was great! Over 1300 people came out and supported the Rosedale Foundation. Some riders biked for 60 miles. Some riders biked for 40 miles and Team SweetPop biked for 20 miles.

Along the routes were stop stations that were sponsored by organizations and businesses. We had some oranges, bananas, gatorade, and of course COOKIES!

Sister Sweetpop also survived the ride after her accident on the road. Get better soon! In the meantime, we had some Amy’s Ice Cream to make the ouchies better.

There were so many great vendors out there supporting. After our ride we were so hungry for a BBQ sandwich.

Here is Team SweetPop! We all made it which was a huge accomplishment because none of us trained for the ride ahead of time and it was out longest ride yet. Next year we will ride the 40 mile route!

Thanks again to the Rosedale School for having us as a sponsor as well as participants. It was definitely an experience none of us will forget and hopefully we will make more memories of it next year.

Festivals Galore!

These last couple of weeks have been filled with fun fun festivities. We were lucky enough to be at the Kite Festival with our favorite taco truck, the Peached Tortilla! It was a beautiful day out for kite flying no doubt as well as eating tacos.

Despite the copious amounts of people at the festival and the many people who wanted tacos, TPT was able to keep the lines moving with barely any wait times. This made everyone full and happy, which you should be when you’re out flying kites all day.

Here are a couple of Sweet Pop’s fans enjoying their Velvety Red Cakepops.  They were super sweet and promised me they would return to get more which I definitely think they will.

KPG met so many awesome people/pets at the festival.  This little one was one of my favorites. He has a mohawk! I know it’s hard to tell but he’s shaved on the sides. WAY too cute not to post.

Amongst the kite flying crowd was my #1 fan. She was so excited that day to fly her kite, but only after eating a cakepop of course. The look in her eyes when the kites were up just made me feel like I was 3 again and being amazed that my dad was able to get our homemade kites to stay in the air. It was like magic and I know in her eyes she felt the same magical feeling.

My camera didn’t really do the festival justice but here was just a small section of the sky filled with kites ranging from Buzz Lightyear to an octopus to kites flying smaller kites! It was absolutely a sight to see. I hope to see you there next year with your kite in hand!

Another smaller event here in Austin that happens yearly was a festival called SXSW.  If you didn’t know, I’m saying that with a bit of sarcasm because for the week, the streets were filled with people from all over the country and even the world! They were there to see films, take workshops, listen to music, and to take the city in. I was lucky enough to be able to attend a couple events during the festival.

Thank you Blue October for entertaining me and the Mr. while we stuffed our faces with corn dogs, fries, and great tasting aquas frescas!

TPT (The Peached Tortilla) catered one of Rachel Ray’s Parties at the Big Red Sun. Tacos were flying off the truck and here Rachel is sneaking in a picture with the owner of the truck, Eric.

Thank you to Rachel Ray for throwing a fun party filled with a lot of music and great people! I hope she liked KPG’s box of Chocolate and Velvety Red Cakepops. I know her husband John had a taste of them after a long day of playing at SXSW.

In the madness of it all the KPG also made some basketball cakepops to celebrate the Madness that is in March. Cross your fingers that my bracket wins in the pool this year!

We’re HERE and ready for your reading pleasure!

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself as what my friends call me the KPG (CakePopGirl – Cake spelled with a K because it’s the cool thing to do). Here you’ll find different things I’m up to, experimental desserts, desserts we make for our clients, etc. We’ll also give away things from time to time so watch out for that.

First of all I would like to let you know that you can always find us at one of these awesome locations below.

The Peached Tortilla truck is one of our favorite places to get tacos and it should be yours too! Visit them at to see where their truck is at so you can track them down.

You might find them by spotting my #1 fan.  You’ll always see her with a big smile on her face when she has a cakepop in hand. This one is the Bananas Foster cakepop. She loves it.

As you can see you”ll probably always see them with a line because people just flock to them for their Banh Mi Sliders and their awesome fries!

Just look for our sign on the side of the truck!

You can also find us around the campus area at a little bike called the Good Bike. The guys are really cool and they sell coffee out of a bike! How cool is that? Check them out at for their hours.

If I were you, I would stop by and grab a cup of their Cuban Coffee with one of our cake pops. The Birthday cake pop goes well with almost all of their coffees.


KPG Out!