May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth is always a fun time of the year for nerds and nerds alike. We’re a little nerdy so here’s what we made to celebrate.

They didn’t like sharing the cake pop stand with one another for long because of the dark side and all so we took some “Solo” shots.

We can’t be complete without a Storm Trooper!

How are you celebrating ?



Hello Kitty Mania!

Our new year’s resolution for 2012 is to blog more! We know you love to see what we’re up to because we’re always up to new sweet things.

Recently we have had many requests for our favorite cuddly Sanrio character, Hello Kitty.  She was very popular when I was a little girl many many years ago and I’m glad she’s still making a big scene. This is our Ode to Hello Kitty. She says we can never have too many friends. Like friends, we can never have too much of you either, girl.

Hello Kitty bouquet – A customer wanted to surprise her coworker with this bouquet for her birthday. What a great surprise!

These were made last year for Austin Bakes for Japan. You can go to their blog to see how much we raised for Japan relief and for Bastrop relief.

We can’t have Hello Kitty without my #1 taste tester!

Free Cakepop Giveaway!!

Hi Sweeties! Have you always wanted to try a cake pop from Sweet Pop? Here’s your chance for FREE!

We’re doing a FREE CAKEPOP giveaway redeemable at the Peached Tortilla. Go to to claim your free cakepop and then go to the Peached Tortilla to get it with your redemption code! Sounds pretty awesome, huh? It’s because it is.

Step one: Claim your dish here:

Step two: Find this truck ( Looks like this

Step three: Eat this!

Simple as One, Two, Sweet!

Promo ends Sunday, Oct 16. Get yours now!

Post on here if you claimed one so we can do more promos in the future!

upcoming week…

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. The pop shop has been busier than ever (woot!) but don’t fret! keep checking back this week. Get ready for a HUGE overflow of the sweeties we’ve been churning out. We can’t wait to update you on the cuteness that’s been buzzing around our kitchen as well as new promotions and new pop locations you can visit!  😀


What would you like to see more? Cakes or cakepops?