We hope everyone is having a successful Movember! To celebrate your awesome staches, we would like to share a few of ours with you.

We were able to be a part of this adorable Little Man 1st birthday party!

Sweet little man Luke’s mom went all out with the decorations. We just absolutely love the drinks station filled with root “beer” and le”man”ade. We hope he had a great party! The mustache party hats were so cute that we’ll probably make some of our own just to wear around the bakery.

Back in August when Nintendo came to Austin for their WiiU launched, they had ordered some cakepops, cookies, and of course, some chocolate mustaches. We had a blast making these for their 3 day launch event. We hope everyone pranced around and jumped up and down looking like Mario and Luigi with these staches.

The chocolate mustaches were so much fun that we couldn’t just stop with Mario’s mustache. We had a few others we were playing with as well.

Here are a few friends of Sweet Pop with their mustaches.

If you could have a mustache, which style of stache would you want?

Super Sweet Pop!

We love superheroes around here! We have invisible capes that we wear when we’re in the kitchen popping away just in case you were ever curious. This post is in honor of our favorite superheroes. My real life super hero, my mom, found this piggy bank and got it for me. Isn’t it cute? I have a collection of Target piggy banks and this one is my favorite one yet. Guess what’s on the cape?

You guessed it! “SP”! Super Sweet Pop! How awesome is that?

Here is a mini collection of some of the superhero themed parties we’ve done. Hold on to your capes!

*edit: The picture doesn’t show it but this cake had a big yellow cape on the back. I’m sure this cake flew off their plates at this party.

Isn’t this little one super cute? He was so excited about his cake and cakepops that he wanted to bite into right away. His sweet mom stopped him before he did so we could take this picture. Cakepop SAVED!

Since today is opening day of the Dark Knight, we will have a few pictures of our Batman cakepops soon so check back!

Be SUPER and save the world today!


May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth is always a fun time of the year for nerds and nerds alike. We’re a little nerdy so here’s what we made to celebrate.

They didn’t like sharing the cake pop stand with one another for long because of the dark side and all so we took some “Solo” shots.

We can’t be complete without a Storm Trooper!

How are you celebrating ?



Hello Kitty Mania!

Our new year’s resolution for 2012 is to blog more! We know you love to see what we’re up to because we’re always up to new sweet things.

Recently we have had many requests for our favorite cuddly Sanrio character, Hello Kitty.  She was very popular when I was a little girl many many years ago and I’m glad she’s still making a big scene. This is our Ode to Hello Kitty. She says we can never have too many friends. Like friends, we can never have too much of you either, girl.

Hello Kitty bouquet – A customer wanted to surprise her coworker with this bouquet for her birthday. What a great surprise!

These were made last year for Austin Bakes for Japan. You can go to their blog to see how much we raised for Japan relief and for Bastrop relief.

We can’t have Hello Kitty without my #1 taste tester!

Free Cakepop Giveaway!!

Hi Sweeties! Have you always wanted to try a cake pop from Sweet Pop? Here’s your chance for FREE!

We’re doing a FREE CAKEPOP giveaway redeemable at the Peached Tortilla. Go to to claim your free cakepop and then go to the Peached Tortilla to get it with your redemption code! Sounds pretty awesome, huh? It’s because it is.

Step one: Claim your dish here:

Step two: Find this truck ( Looks like this

Step three: Eat this!

Simple as One, Two, Sweet!

Promo ends Sunday, Oct 16. Get yours now!

Post on here if you claimed one so we can do more promos in the future!

Scandalous sweets (warning mature content!)

(This post isn’t intended to offend anyone. It’s more for a lighthearted laugh so we apologize if we offend you in any way)

I have way too much fun decorating cookies. I think I have just as much fun eating them too. Here are some cookies that I made for a bachelorette party. The ladies who attended the party had a boudoir photoshoot so they wanted something to go along with the theme. What else to go along with the theme than corset cookies?

The bachelorette had red cowboy boots so there had to be some boots too! Aren’t these cute?

Here are some in pink.

A couple months ago I got a phone call from this gentleman asking for a “boob cake”.  My friends can be comedic at times so I thought it could possibly be one of them but I continued the conversation with this gentleman. It was truly a new client that was really wondering if it was something I do. To tell you the truth, I never really thought that I would do these types of sweets. It never really crossed my mind whether or not I would or wouldn’t but they’re only sweets right? People get a good laugh from them and enjoy the cake. I thought, why not?

This cake turned out better than I had expected! All of “Billy’s” coworkers got a kick out of the cake. I hope he had a great birthday!

Not less than a week after the first cake, I got an order for these birthday cupcakes! How funny.

It always makes me smile when people have fun with sweets!

All of these orders received lots of smiles and laughs. Everyone had (too much) fun with them as well as enjoyed eating them and to tell you the truth, that’s what really matters and what really makes me happy.

“See” food

One of my cakepop lovers requested a cake for his 6 year anniversary and of course I said, “sure thing!”  What goes better with love and anniversaries than cake?!? To celebrate this occasion he wanted to recreate one of their dates they had previously. (How cute!) He being a chef had made his girlfriend seared tuna and scallops for their romantic dinner since that’s her food of choice so obviously he wanted the cake to be the same thing except in red velvet so when he cut into the cake it would look like tuna! How cute and thoughtful.

This cake definitely made me crave a nice rare seared tuna steak for a good long while. I got word that she absolutely loved it! Hooray! Happy anniversary to you both!

If you were to have a cake shaped in your favorite foods, what would it be?

Chill out this summer!

In this blistering 100+ degree weather I had a customer request a penguin cake.  It became my “power animal”.  I should have had a slide on there too but that was just an after thought if you know my movie reference.  For this cake I had to imagine what it would be like to be a penguin and this was what I wish would happen in Austin every now and again.

This was so much fun to make because I just pictured myself throwing snowballs at my friends in the snow. The only problem with that is this is how it would happen…

In my mind I would be like this.

In reality it would turn out like this. Here is me being a cute penguin ready to get in the mix.

Before I knew it, I would be like this.

I hope you stay cool this summer indoors or if you’re outdoors, I hope you’re by some water. If you’re one of the lucky ones and get to escape this heat, please bring me back some nice weather.

upcoming week…

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. The pop shop has been busier than ever (woot!) but don’t fret! keep checking back this week. Get ready for a HUGE overflow of the sweeties we’ve been churning out. We can’t wait to update you on the cuteness that’s been buzzing around our kitchen as well as new promotions and new pop locations you can visit!  😀


What would you like to see more? Cakes or cakepops?

Sweets the new sports fuel

Ok maybe sweets aren’t the BEST energy snacks but they’re a pretty good motivation to play hard! If you know me, I’ve been playing flag football since I was in high school which is rare for a girl. I have a love for football almost as big as my love for sweets themselves, that’s HUGE by the way. I play on a couple different adult teams around town to keep me active throughout the year. My coed team was struggling one game this season and I felt the team morale was a little low. To give them a pick-me-up I told them I would bring out some cupcakes to the next game and that everyone had to earn their share. That game we all played really well and we WON! I think that was one of the most fun games we played all season. Everyone earned their cupcakes that game.

We were so happy for our W and our cupcakes of course. Sweets make everything better, at least I think so.

For the playoffs this season, everyone deserved a good dose of Sweet Pops for playing so well. Since the team name is “Touchdown My Pants” I made these cake pops.

The ones that I made shaped into footballs didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to so I ended up just putting football laces on the regular ones.

Thanks for the thumbs up Jimmy!

While we were enjoying our sweets, one of our team mascots wanted a bite too. She is too cute and I bet she really wishes her tongue was longer so she could reach that cakepop. Sorry Prada, no chocolate for you! I’ll try to bring you out some carob doggie pops next time.

I also play on a women’s team in the city league. I can’t tell you how cool these ladies are. On and off the field they are pretty stellar. Women who love football MUST love sweets too, right? Right.

This is our mascot. Isn’t she cute? She approves too.

With the end of the football season I had to find something else to keep in shape until the next season. I decided it was time that I became a triathlete. How hard could that be? I like swimming. I like biking. I like running. Oh man was I in for a treat! For the first couple of weeks my body hated me. My motto is: As long as you exercise, you can eat what you want.  That translates into I can eat as much sweets as I want as long as I’m able to work it off and throw in some healthy stuff too. Well, I can tell you that it makes it a lot harder when training for a triathlon so with all of the training, I have to stay away from eating too many cupcakes. For being a baker, it’s been really hard to say the least. I’ve traded my sweets for energy gels, which are pretty tasty!

The triathlon is coming up in a couple of weeks…eeek! I will be running in the Danskin Triathlon! My motivation for the training is that I get to eat nice big chocolate cake when I’m done. YAYYY! Wish me luck because I sure will need it.

What kind of sweets get you motivated to get out and exercise?