Super Sweet Pop!

We love superheroes around here! We have invisible capes that we wear when we’re in the kitchen popping away just in case you were ever curious. This post is in honor of our favorite superheroes. My real life super hero, my mom, found this piggy bank and got it for me. Isn’t it cute? I have a collection of Target piggy banks and this one is my favorite one yet. Guess what’s on the cape?

You guessed it! “SP”! Super Sweet Pop! How awesome is that?

Here is a mini collection of some of the superhero themed parties we’ve done. Hold on to your capes!

*edit: The picture doesn’t show it but this cake had a big yellow cape on the back. I’m sure this cake flew off their plates at this party.

Isn’t this little one super cute? He was so excited about his cake and cakepops that he wanted to bite into right away. His sweet mom stopped him before he did so we could take this picture. Cakepop SAVED!

Since today is opening day of the Dark Knight, we will have a few pictures of our Batman cakepops soon so check back!

Be SUPER and save the world today!


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