Sweets the new sports fuel

Ok maybe sweets aren’t the BEST energy snacks but they’re a pretty good motivation to play hard! If you know me, I’ve been playing flag football since I was in high school which is rare for a girl. I have a love for football almost as big as my love for sweets themselves, that’s HUGE by the way. I play on a couple different adult teams around town to keep me active throughout the year. My coed team was struggling one game this season and I felt the team morale was a little low. To give them a pick-me-up I told them I would bring out some cupcakes to the next game and that everyone had to earn their share. That game we all played really well and we WON! I think that was one of the most fun games we played all season. Everyone earned their cupcakes that game.

We were so happy for our W and our cupcakes of course. Sweets make everything better, at least I think so.

For the playoffs this season, everyone deserved a good dose of Sweet Pops for playing so well. Since the team name is “Touchdown My Pants” I made these cake pops.

The ones that I made shaped into footballs didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to so I ended up just putting football laces on the regular ones.

Thanks for the thumbs up Jimmy!

While we were enjoying our sweets, one of our team mascots wanted a bite too. She is too cute and I bet she really wishes her tongue was longer so she could reach that cakepop. Sorry Prada, no chocolate for you! I’ll try to bring you out some carob doggie pops next time.

I also play on a women’s team in the city league. I can’t tell you how cool these ladies are. On and off the field they are pretty stellar. Women who love football MUST love sweets too, right? Right.

This is our mascot. Isn’t she cute? She approves too.

With the end of the football season I had to find something else to keep in shape until the next season. I decided it was time that I became a triathlete. How hard could that be? I like swimming. I like biking. I like running. Oh man was I in for a treat! For the first couple of weeks my body hated me. My motto is: As long as you exercise, you can eat what you want.  That translates into I can eat as much sweets as I want as long as I’m able to work it off and throw in some healthy stuff too. Well, I can tell you that it makes it a lot harder when training for a triathlon so with all of the training, I have to stay away from eating too many cupcakes. For being a baker, it’s been really hard to say the least. I’ve traded my sweets for energy gels, which are pretty tasty!

The triathlon is coming up in a couple of weeks…eeek! I will be running in the Danskin Triathlon! My motivation for the training is that I get to eat nice big chocolate cake when I’m done. YAYYY! Wish me luck because I sure will need it.

What kind of sweets get you motivated to get out and exercise?

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